Citation Problems with Microsoft Office 2011

Don’t let the date on this post fool you. The following screen shots visually illustrate flaws in the Microsoft Word / Office 2011 (with Word 2008 for comparison) citation/footnoting system. This particular feature has been integral to my writing in the past months, most specifically my academic work. Here was the original post I made on the Office for Mac discussion boards:
1) I have both Office 2008 and 2011 student editions on my first generation Black Intel Macbook (latest versions of everything installed). The FULL list of sources in my citation manager that i have in Word 2008 does not appear in Word 2011; the “master list” in the source manager stops at my source authors that begin with the letter “T” whereas in the Word 2008 source manager my master list has sources that go all the way to the letter “Z.” Also, last I checked, the letter “R” comes before, not after the letter “S.” Apparently in Microsoft Word 2011 it doesn’t though; I went looking for an source whose last name started with the letter “R” and couldn’t find it; scrolled down past S and there it was. 

2) Footnotes: I insert an footnotes, and attempt to insert a citation and some text. If I scroll away and return the page the citation will frequently be half gone, with additional endnotes on the page gone. This seems to be a display problem in the program, because when I print out the document (or do a “print preview” the text shows up intact.

3) Additionally, using the citation tools to insert a FULL citation into the footnote/endnote no longer works anymore. It will only show a shorthand note (the kind you would use for an in-text citation). There does not seem to be a way to change this.

I was really looking forward to this new version, and appreciate its elegant interface. However really dropped the ball on this one (suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise), and based on the comments on my post a fix is unlikely to come for many months.
Sigh. Hope these screen shots at least offer some people comfort that they know they are not alone with these problems.

Citation Manager Ends at Letter "T" and messes up alphabetization — notice the order of the letters S, R, T?

Footnotes in Office 2011 will only insert an in-text citation, not the full text citation.

Office 2008 shows the actual list of sources in my citation manager, ending at "Y" and will correctly insert a full text citation from the citation manager


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